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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  April 10, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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disney is filing a new patent application for soft body robots, not just in japan that will move and physically interact like an animated character. a hug from a robot ain't the same. oh, well. melissa: there's just so much missed opportunity there we'll let it go. risk and rewardrts right now. >> i've never been more encouraged about the trump administration than i am today. >> i think there's a strong case to have -- to make for what the president did, stronger now, in fact, than when president obama faced that same situation. >> i think the fact that reacted was very important, and i support the president's action. >> oer countries have tosk themselves hard questions. russia should ask themselves what are we doing here? why are we supporting this murderous regime that is committing mass murder of its own population and using the most heinous weapons available? >> regardless of whether russia was complicit here or whether they were simply incompetent or whether they
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got outwitted by the bashar al-assad regime -- >> in no way do we look at peace happening in that area with iranian influence and no way do we see peace in that area with russia covering up for assad and in no way do we see peace in that area with assad as head of the syrian government. liz: the u.s. now taking the lead on the world stage to bipartisan support. secretary of state rex tillerson today vowing to protect the innocent around the world. this ahead of tillerson's trip to russia later this week, even though there are now reports that russian's putin will not meet with the secretary of state. tonight, reaction. former homeland security members scott brown, former reagan economic adviser art law enforcement officer and the chairman of forbes media steve forbes all here to react. but we're not stopping there. benghazi survivor chris back with his take on susan rice's deception. she made it earlier this year. she claimed the obama administration did get rid of
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all chemical weapons, despite numerous chemical attacks since 2013. even the washington post said susan rice is misleading here. and we've got an exclusive, a survivor of the 2013 chemical attack. he says he is now thankful for president trump. and he's blasting obama and his administration for not doing enough to stop the massacre of syrians that led to an explosive refugee crisis around the world. the uk leaving the eu and the eu now dangerously on the brink. welcome to risk and reward. i'm elizabeth macdonald in for deirdre bolton. secretary of state rex tillerson holding firm. he says u.s. quote will hold to account anyone who commits crimes against innocent anywhere around the world. this on the eve of tillerson's trip to moscow to turn up the heat for syrian dictator bashar al-assad. all important since president trump is restoring the red line against syria's chemical
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weapons that president obama drew in 2010 but never enforced. let's bring in homeland security member scott brown. senator, even now hillary clinton says the obama white house was wrong not to take syria's chemical weapons. she says agreed. they wanted to do it. they wanted to take out these weapons. this happened before isis came into being and took over. what are your thoughts? >> thank you very much. it's great to be on. first of all, that's the problem president obama did establish a red line and did nothing, and i think we all agree, even allen and others, hillary clinton and general petraeus and everybody that as a result of that, this vacuum developed, and it embolden our enemies, whether it's putin with crimea and ukraine, whether it's isis, al-qaeda, everyone kind of said, oh, they're not going to do anything. north korea, we'll just continue to march. well, there is a new sheriff in town and what this president is doing is he is relying on the recommendations of his
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generals and the generals on the ground and others who are giving him that incredible guidance, and he's trying to not micromanage or basically do the complete opposite, and i think it's good that we reestablish our strength, our allies trust us, and our foes are certainly going to fear us. liz: so president obama just basically said i'm going to keep my own council. we have that going on, senator, but we also have said. former national security adviser susan rice. we also have former secretary of state john kerry and president obama arguing that they did get syria to get rid of its chemical weapons. let's take a listen. >> we were able to find a solution that actually removed the chemical weapons that were known from syria in a way that the use of force would never have accomplished. >> we struck a deal where we got 100% of the chemical weapons out. >> people may criticize us for not having launched missiles against assad after chemical weapons had been used but keep in mind why we didn't. we didn't because they got rid of chemical weapons.
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and that, in fact, was very important. liz: you heard them touting all of this as an unequivocally success. but, even former obama official worked for both kerry and susan rice, he admitted that knew all along that syria did not get rid of the chemical weapons under the obama administration. here's the quote. we always knew we had not gotten everything that the syrians had not been fully forthcoming in their decorations, that's anthony saying that. what are your thoughts there? >> i'm shocked. i'm shocked that they're not being honest with this, those darn syrians, those darn iranians. they're not being honest? oh, my goodness. listen, bottom line is they apparently got rid of all the accounted for chemical weapons. it wasn't the unaccounted for, the ones that they were actually hiding. so i don't think anyone who has any type of brain when it comes to these sort of things trust the syrians and the iranians that they're not going to continue to build
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nuclear weapons and centrifuges and use -- and on develop the materials necessary for that. and that's the problem. that's why this president is sending a very powerful message. it doesn't matter that the base is still being able to be used. it's the fact that he has the ability in a pinpoint strike, the ability to knock out the entire syrian military, and he chose to be very thoughtful, me tho methodical. liz: hang on a second. the obama administration is top spinning and overselling something -- they're taking credit for something that didn't happen; right? >> right. yeah. of course. listen, they're misleading once again and that's the problem. you don't believe, you don't know what to believe, and it obviously where did they get these chemical weapons that they're using? so they obviously didn't get 100%. and so it's disingenuous, the people get it, and the good news is that we have the ability to try to fix it. liz: all right. let's back a little bit here because this is interesting. while president trump is attacking the problem head on
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in his first 100 days, recall how obama instead went on a overseas apology tour on his first year as president saying america has been wrong striking a moral equivalence between america and its enemies. let's take a listen. >> the early decisions that we've made that y're starting to see some restoration of america's standing in the world. >> there have been times where america has shown arrogance and been dismissive, even divisive. the united states is still working through some of our darker periods in our history. we've at times been disengaged and at times we sought to dictate our terms. we have to acknowledge potentially we've made some mistakes. that's how we learn. unfortunately, faced with an uncertain threat. our government made a series of hasty decisions. in other words, we want off course. liz: in contrast, praising
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president trump for signaling that america is back after president trump's serious strike. let's take a listen. >> just wanted to say it's not that there's a new sheriff in town, there is a sheriff in town. there was an absence for eight years, america's back, and you're not allowed to do whatever you want. that in and of itself is going to have a big affect. liz: senator, what do you think of the noticeable difference between obama and trump? >> well, the fact that you had to make me listen to those apology tour statements, it really kind of upset my stomach, quite frankly. i was ashamed and many americans were ashamed when he went on that apology tour. and certainly not going to be an apology tour with this president. and the fact that he sent 59 tomahawk missiles over there, sent a very powerful message. one, quite frankly, that there may be fainting outrage for some of the countries, they're very, very grateful that, in fact, we're going to stand up because we are, liz, a country for good, and we are going to try to help those who need our help.
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and there's a lot of people out there we have to go after. al-qaeda, isis, north korea, syria, there's a lot of -- we can't do it all, that's why we need to have all good countries who believe in goodwill and taking care of innocence to band together to actually get this challenge and move forward. liz: thank you, senator. come back soon. we love having you go on the show. >> thank you. liz: senator lindsey graham says he sees a striking similarity between president trump and president reagan after the strike on syria. >> we have listened to the wisdom in an old russian, though, my pronunciation may give you difficulty, the maxim is trust but verify. >> you repeat that at every meeting. [laughter] liz: look who's here. former reagan economic adviser. we love him. he's dr. art law enforcement
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officer. now, i think you may have listened to jfk speak when you were a yale student; right? >> yes. liz: what do you see in trump? >> i see trump doing a very good job so far. i mean, i completely support the tomahawk missiles doing what they did, although god knows i'm not an expert in military fare, so don't take me too seriously on that. the big one on defense, liz, is being strong country. there is no alternative to economic growth, prosperity, and creating a much larger employment for production and that means tax cuts and incentives put back into the system, which is exactly what ronald reagan did. do not let these types of ventures mislead you. i had all sorts of opponents back in the olden days trying to get the tax cuts. it was herb will, saying this is going to take all of the money out of the budget to support israel. without those tax cuts, we would have never been the sheriff in town.
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we need the tax cuts and economic growth much more than we need anything else, liz. and this is a great venture, great thing to do, and it's a great symbol. but anything that gets in the way of the tax cuts and economic growth is a huge mistake. liz: you're saying it helps fundhe defense the military when you have that economic growth. >> of course it is. liz: when you were speaking, we were showing images of what was going on in syria and the attacks on citizens and civilians there, including children. i mean, we just heard senator brown that america is a beacon of hope around the world. assad is killing half a million people with conventional weapons, not even chemical ones. >> it's terrible. but remember, we have economic prosperity to have freedom of choice and being able to stop these terrorists all over the world. russia was not defeated because of themselves. they were defeated by economic growth in the u.s., which caused their terrible acts of evil to be brought down. it was economic growth in the
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u.s. that did that. not just military. military is a great product of economic growth and doing that is wonderful. but never take your eye off the ball. we need tax cuts and economic growth now. liz: it's an important point. let's switch gears to neil gorsuch. he was sworn in today as supreme court justice. let's take a listen. i would like your reaction. >> i'm humbled by the trust placed in me today. i will never forget that to whom much is given, much will be expected. and i promise you that i will do all my powers to permit to be a faithful servant of the constitution and laws for this great nation. liz: you know, art, trump could fill four supreme court vacancies; right? kennedy, ginsberg, prior, and now scalia. i mean, do the dems really dust this one? they made a mistake lowering the "nuclear option" to just 51 votes; right? it looks like reagan. reagan filled four seats. >> yeah. just like -- i mean, i don't know why they went after gorsuch like they did. i mean, he seems to me and,
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again, i'm not a legal scholar, so forgive me. but he seemed imminently qualified person for being on the supreme court. and i don't know why they choose to use this to attack. it makes no sense to me. but, you know, god bless them. they did that same thing, by the way, in 1981, you know, after phil gramm did the wonderful thing of cosponsoring. they then democrats outed both of those people from their party. god bless them. i love that they became republicans but the democrats have a death wish from time to time, and i think this is one of their death wishes. liz: art, quickly, do you like trump's choices so far? >> i think the choices are great so far. as long as he follows through on economic growth and tax cuts, which he has promised all the way along, and i think it would be just wonderful. deregulation is also really important and controlling spending and all of that stuff. tax cuts are the key to economic growth. liz: jfk knew it, and you heard it first.
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reagan. >> it's true. liz: we love you. come back soon. >> thank you, liz, it's been fun being on the show. liz: same here. a syrian gas attack survivor from that attack in 2013. here's what happened. he surprised cnn for saying he does support president trump. he also asked why isn't the media holding president obama accountable when president obama did not back up his red line in the sand on the chemical attacks in syria? he's going to join us later on the show. but first, forbes media chair steve forbes here to react after this. >> i didn't see you raising your voice against president obama's inaction in syria that left us refugees. think your large cap equity fund has exposure to energy infrastructure mlps? think again.
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>> how do you see that? >> with all due respect, i didn't see each and every person who was demonstrating after the travel ban, i didn't see you three days ago when people were gassed to death, when civilians were gassed to death. i didn't see you in 2013 when 1400 people were gassed to death. i didn't see you raising your voice against president obama's inaction in syria that let us refugees, that made us refugees get kicked out o if you really care about refugees, if you really care about helping us, please help us stay in our country. we don't want to come to the united states. we want to stay in our country. we want to stay in our country with all due respect. this is hypocrisy. if you really care, if you really care, help us stay in our country. we don't want to becom refugees. we want to stay in our couny.
5:19 pm
help us establish safe zones. help us -- >> i understand. >> and if you just give me a few seconds just to tell president trump once again please, sir, what you did was amazing. liz: survivor of the 2013 syrian chemical attack his name is kassem eid, he surprised the cnn host. they were saying what do you think of president trump's actions? he also criticized president obama's inaction. let's bring in forbes media chairman steve forbes. steve, you know, he's basically saying, kassem eid that if president trump did back in -- >> it was a bad pattern, also ignoring the advice of our military which said you have to establish a safe zone in syria just as we did for the kurds in iraq years before. it worked. if we had done that, you would not have had those refugees
5:20 pm
pouring into germany, which has created real problems, sweden, norway, the united states. so obama really dropped the ball doesn't begin to describe the disastrous inactivity he exhibited. liz: yeah, and the uk wouldn't have left the eu possibly too. >> absolutely. liz: so he's saying essentially we don't want to be refugees. we want to stay in syria. but so it will seem like president obama sort of went on his own course and ignored the advice, as you point out, of his advisers; right? >> he did. and he thought any kind of military action is going to lead to bad things. he also i don't think realizes today his inactions cost a worse problem that establish those safe zones. you wouldn't have assad in power today. you wouldn't have turkey having all of those refugees. europe having all of those refugees and the u.s. credibility. trump has restored it but bad things have happened not only in the middle east but in europe with putin and in asia with china. liz: you know, this has gone beyond civil war. it's a massacre. it's wholesale slaughter of
5:21 pm
children, women, and men. and it seems here in the states that when we watch how the media covers it, they tend to politicize it that it becomes about donald trump and his mistakes. we see that on msnbc and cnn. i mean, what do you think of their coverage? >> conspiracy theory time. i mean, come on now. oh, putin did this blah, blah, blah. it's the kind of thing you read in comic books, maybe. so they haven't gotten over the election yet. so they still can't give a real coverage to the story. liz: how do you -- how do you politicize -- >> former secretary of states maybe we should have done more action. >> yeah, so did hillary clinton. how do you politicize women and children being gassed? i don't get it. >> well, they ignore those images and back to trump. as a result they just see everything through that helps trump can't be good. imagine taking a survivor of a chemical attack and trying to
5:22 pm
have him attack the guy who took out the aircraft. it's bizarre. liz: yeah, what if obama had done this strike back in 2013. >> it would have been hailed as a decisive stroke, right thing to do, can't allow this. and one thing they won't give trump credit for if you allow the chemical and biological weapons fall the waste side, the next fall out would be nuclear weapons. you have to draw the line and say these weapons taboo, and now with we're going to enforce it. liz: now you have susan rice, president obama, john kerry as you point out saying we did get rid of 100% of the chemical weapons, even though un saying it had been going on -- >> everything with them like the democrats say was all about politics. that's why we disastrously with drew from iraq allowing isis to rise up. oh, we have an election coming up, we do say we end the war. the terrorists are defeated. bad stuff, and we condemn them
5:23 pm
for doing it. liz: steve, good stuff. >> thank you. liz: reminder syrian gas attack survivor who gaggled cnn you just saw him, kassem eid he's going to be on the show later this hour. basically he was challenging cnn reporting on the fall out on obama's inaction in syria. he's going to talk about all of that later on in the show. but first, susan rice caught in yet another deception and the washington post giving the obama national security adviser the worst for line. four pinocchios, again, the worst generating for saying the obama administration got rid of chemical weapons. saying that this year despite evidence to the contrary. my next guest has a lot to say about these deceptions. he's benghazi survivor chris, he's here to speak out after this. don't go away at fidelity, trades are now just $4.95. we cut the price of trades to give investors even more value. and at $4.95, you can trade with a clear advantage. fidelity, where smarter investors will always be. on a perfect car, then smash it into a tree.
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>> again, spontaneously in benghazi as a reaction to what had transpired some hours earlier in cairo sparked by this hateful video. you serve the united states
5:27 pm
with honor and distinction. we were able to find a solution that actually removed the chemical weapons that were known from syria in a way that the use of force would never have accomplished. liz: from susan rice, the washington post fact checking the former obama national security adviser. susan rice's claim that president obama got syria to quote verifiably give up its chemical weapon stockpile. rice made that claim this year in 2017. even though obama's director national intelligence james clapper, he told congress a year ago it was not true. that syria still had chemical weapons. the un said it was still using chemical weapons dating back to 2013 to 2014 and 2015. and look at this. the washington post gave susan rice four pinocchio. that's the worst generating that they give to statements that are completely false. my next guest says you know what? he's used to susan rice giving false statements.
5:28 pm
he's chris. good to see you. >> good to see you. i'm not in the back of a car this time trying to get to you in the studio. liz: that worked out. it was really high-tech of you. it was cool. >> challenging. yes, ma'am. liz: what do you make of the post saying rice's statement is flat out false? >> well, they're spot on and believe me, i don't say the post is spot on very often either. so that's something if the post is getting it right and actually, susan rice is, again, credibility has been questioned. so i don't see how people continue to listen to her or continue to believe her. again, the mainstream media, they will either ignore it or they will pick it up and hail her as a hero for whatever reason, they'll make something up. but, again, susan rice putting politics before the truth, and she has continued to do this and the cat's out of the bag. i just hope more people go ahead and really show she's
5:29 pm
lying to the american people and on national tv. liz: recently she said she didn't know about surveillance about trump and then admitted that is, yes, she knew about it. and then getting back to the chemical attacks in syria, you know, the un, chris, and watch dog groups said that late last year that syria had dropped chemical bombs four times tween 2014 and 2015. so the evidence is there. >> the evidence is there. she needs to either start doing something called du due diligence to get information to put on national tv, or she just needs to step aside. again, i implore president trump to set an example. use her as an example for politicians to not do this anymore either by throwing them in jail or by just completely kicking them out of the diplomatic circle. it's a disgrace. liz: it seems they spend a lot of energy defending their legacy instead of going after the evil in the world like you and your colleagues. you guys are american heroes.
5:30 pm
people are dying in syria and the washington post colleagues at politifact, that's also a fact-checking shop. they took down an article that they had written on john kerry's statement. john kerry was also overselling obama's deal with syria saying they got all of the weapons out of syria, the chemical weapons. let's listen to this. >> we struck a deal where we got 100% of the chemical weapons out. liz: okay. so that essentially was not true. so, chris, what else has top spinned? the iran deal? i mean, what else should we question? >> everything. you question everything over the last eight years. you have to. they have essentially shot any credibility that they have any integrity that people may have thought they have, it's gone. they need to go -- everybody needs to go back and relook at these last eight years and see what the actual truth is and take everything that was said with a grain of salt. when you put people's lives ahead or behind your politics, you are honestly you're less
5:31 pm
than a person to me, and it's a shame that it's come to this point where lives -- essentially lives are being lost because of politics and john kerry and ambassador susan rice, we can thank for that. liz: chris, come back on the show. we love having you go on. >> yes, ma'am. thank you. liz: skype, however you want to do it. you're terrific. >> thanks, ma'am. liz: next up, we do have a survivor of the 2013 syrian chemical attacks. he's the man who surprised cnn by challenging cnn and their thinking and all u.s. media for not holding president obama accountable when president obama did not back up his red line ultimatum on serious chemical attacks. we have that survivor. he says he is now thankful for president trump's actions. he's speaking out. that's next. don't go away hard work and a plan. at baird, we approach your wealth management strategy the same way to create a financial plan built to last from generation to generation. we'll listen. we'll talk. we'll plan.
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>> with all due respect, i didn't see eachand every person who was demonstrating after the travel ban. i didn't see you three days ago when people were gassed to death, when civilians were gassed to death. i didn't see you in 2013 when 1400 people were gassed to death. i didn't seeou raising your voice against president obama's inaction in syria that let us refugees. liz: well, we heard him loud and clear. kassem eid is the survivor of a syrian chemical attack in 2013. he took on cnn questioning the
5:36 pm
media, democrats, and others for not holding president obama accountable for his failed red line ultimat on syria's use of chemical weapons. kassem eid joins me now. we're watching. a lot of americans are very angered. it's hoar i can. it's a disgrace people here are really angry and upset. americans want it to stop. it's beyond heartbreaking. they don't want you or anyone hurt any more there. enough. but you said you're grateful that president trump took action against syria. why are you grateful? >> first, again, i want to express my deep condolences for our christian brothers and sisters in egypt and all over the world after the terrorist attacks as a syrian and as a muslim, we stand by your side. going back to the chemical attack, president obama's
5:37 pm
broken red line, he created a vacuum for them to operate. he broke a lot of arts in syria. he encouraged terrorists to do more. he led a lot of people to desperation to join extremist groups like isis. i'm very grateful. i'm very thankful as a syrian and as a refugee who was forced to leave his country after i was gassed to death. after i was living under siege for more than two years, i'm very grateful for president trump's action against the criminal. i'm very grateful for everyone who is trying right now to stand up against a dictator to try to do the right thing, which is taking out assad out of power because this man is a brutal dictator. he's worse than hitler.
5:38 pm
he killed his own people. 500,000 people were killed in the last six years and all that president obama did was watch and giving us false statements and false messages of hope. he helped bashar assad do this slaughter. he lied to the american people. he lied to us syrians when he said that he took the chemical weapons away. three days ago bashar proved that it was a lie that assad still have chemical weapons. so what all did obama do? he escaped assad from punishment under the allegation of taking out his chical weapons. he didn't take out his chemical weapons, and he did not punish him. that should raise a lot of questions. that should make people start asking why did he do that? why did he lie to the american people and to the entire world? liz: you wrote aneditorial for the wall street journal titled the rubble of obama's syria policy, and you said you told the obama administration about th
5:39 pm
why obama did not act in syria. why? >> because he wanted to do anything to make the iran deal possible. he was too worried about his own agenda. president obama wanted to become the president who didn't use force and got the deals done. well, sir, you cannot make deals with dictators. you should punish dictators. you should hold them accountable. he made a deal with iran dictatorship. he made a deal with assad. he made a deal with russians. he made a deal with all dictators. with cuba, with a lot of dictators. this should raise a lot of questions. and instead of holding dictators accountable, you are making deals with them and the people, the innocent people, civilians like us are paying the price. we're collateral damage. he talks about moral standards while he's way -- he's away from any kind of principle. he let's people die because of
5:40 pm
dreams about legacy, about a failed legacy. the only legacy he's going to have is the atrocity that he brought for syrians, the children who drowned at the sea while they were fleeing for t lives. it will haunt him forever and so will the pictures of the children who were gassed to death in 2013 and 2017. liz: you have said too that you do not want to be a refugee. that you want to stay in your home place in syria. do others agree with you about that? about wanting to stay in syria not becoming refugees and do they agree with your feelings about president obama? >> i want to say to everyone who's listening right now. you should go back to the beginning, 2011, when the syrian people from the north to the south were all demonstrating in the streets challenging the assad dictatorship. we were chanting and singing for freedom to have free
5:41 pm
elections. we wanted to live as equal citizens. we wanted to make our country a better country for everyone. we did not rebel and sacrifice our families and our future and everything we have. so we will become refugees in the united states or europe. we don't want to become refugees. we want to go back home. i'm an activist. i am with a lot of connections inside syria and outside syria and different parts of the world, and we all share the same ambition. we all share the same hope. we want to go back home, we want to build our country. we have to have free elections. we want to have a democracy. we want to live as equal citizens, regardless of our religious or ethnic background. we deserve a chance. for everyone who says that bashar al-assad, whoever might replace assad be worse, assad is worse than hitler. th man destroyed the country and displaced half a million people, raped thousands of women.
5:42 pm
please check out the reports about people who got tortured death and images that only look like the concentration camps from world war ii. anybody who will replace bashar assad will be better than him. and if you will just give me a chance to send another message for president trump if you may let me, president trump, please, what you did was amazing. what you did was giving us syrians hope. giving us refugees hope that we're going to come back home one day. please take out assad. please. he's still killing people with barrel bombs, with cluster bombs, wit with a lot of bombs. please. liz: we are so grateful for you coming on the show. we would love to have you on again. please come back soon. thanks again. >> thank you for having me. liz: sure. msnbc reporting on camera a wild conspiracy theory that russia's putin actually
5:43 pm
ordered this barbaric chemical attack in syria that slaughtered children and women. why? in order to help trump win a political victory. it's a fake dog story. we're going to play it that has many viewers now wondering why they are paying for cable at all. after this. don't go away finally. hey ron! they're finally taking down that schwab billboard. oh, not so fast, carl. ♪ oh no. schwab, again? index investing for that low? that's three times less than fidelity... what's next, no minimums? less than vanguard. minimums. schwab has lowered the cost of investing again. introducing the lowest cost index funds in the industry with no minimums. i bet they're calling about the schwab news. schwab. a modern approach to wealth management.
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>> wouldn't it be nice if it was just completely, totally, absolutely impossible to suspect that vladimir putin orchesated what happened in syria this week so that his friend in the whithouse could have a big night with missiles and all of the praise he's picked up over the last 24 hours. i don't know what it is. is it a 2% chance? is it a 50% chance? i don't know.
5:47 pm
but i don't think it's a 0% chance. liz: wow. msnbc host larry o'donald suggest saying putin ordered the horrific chemical attack that slaughtered dozens of children, men, women in syria to help trump's poll numbers and chris matthews over there suggested the same. it's wild speculation that the massacre would distract from accusations of trump colluding with russia to meddle in the elections. let's take this to the power panel. first to you, chris. kurt, rather. news flash to o'donald and chris matthews, the fbi is still probing this despite the trump missile strikes. argue that victims of chemical attacks a political pawn? >> you know, liz, i'm torn here. that's either the stupidest thing i've ever heard anybody say or the most deeply cynical. lawrence o'donnell must think his viewers are among the
5:48 pm
world's most accomplished idiots to even have any kind of chance of not laughing him off the screen and turning the channel. i'm stunned and frankly, i'm more than a little embarrassed for him. it's just ridiculous. liz: you know, danielle, as i noted chris matthews made similar comments suggesting that the syrian strikes quote killed the native that president trump is in bed with putin and basically is providing trump a welcome distraction. let's listen. >> maybe it's cynicism, but i thought here was a way for him to kill the narrative, then he's in bed with putin, it would be this. take on putin's freshwater port. take on his ally, his satellite, his loyal ally assad, and that would be a way of saying i was never in bed with these guys. i never planned any kind of coalition with this guy in moscow. you're right. i was thinking of it. liz: matthew made these comments a few hours after the strike. is msnbc now still a reputable
5:49 pm
news organization? is that a reputable news organization doing that? is it reputable to do that? >> i think msnbc -- liz: is it reputable -- >> i don't agree that they will push a conspiracy theory, liz. i want to quote him. he said without citing statistical probability to it. i don't know what it is. i just know it's not zero, and it should be zero. it has been zero with every other president -- liz: danielle, you can't do journalism without. it's speculation. >> what i'm saying is he's saying it because trump has so little credibility in some organizations but -- liz: so you're allowed to make an opinion -- you're allowed to make up reporting as opinions as stated facts occurred is that it? >> well, look, you're making a threshold mistake by saying -- by saying you can't do reporting like this. msnbc is not a news organization.
5:50 pm
it is an organ of the democrat party spewing out liberal talking points. it is transcriptionist. it is a steno pool for politicians. liz: kurt and daniel, so sorry. we're up against a hard break. thank you so much,ou two coming on. we had this deadly terror attack on palm sunday. isis claiming responsibility for a couple of palm sunday evangelical mark burns who's speaking out. that's next
5:51 pm
5:52 pm
5:53 pm
liz: deadly bombings in egypt yesterday on palm sunday. the start of holy week for christians. 18 civilians, four police officers killed. a suicide bomber blew himself up outside a church. there was another bombing inside a church on the northern city. we had dozens of people killed there.mark
5:54 pm
burns for their reaction. pastor burns, you are also the ceo of the television network as well. you're very familiar at messaging and what message is being sent. what message is being sent to christians when churches are >> well, 44 killed, more than 100 people injured in two separate suicide attacks directly against christian churches. this message is clearly stating that there's an all-out war against christians. and we have a warrant for christians' lives dead or alive. the very fact that isis states that christians are our favorite prey is clear indication that we have to be diligent as christians and people of faith ar world, especially here in america. which really ties into what took place in syria and what's going around the world. how we as america need to be the beacon -- the lit on the
5:55 pm
heel to make sure that our christian brothers and sisterset issued a statement and called it barba barbaric, and i'm happy the president showed his condolences because isis is radical islamic terrorists and i'm so sad that democrats and liberals don't want to call it what it is but radical islamic terrorists have waged war against christians and our way of life here in america. liz: pastor, new report says that persecuted christians suffer the worse year yet in 2016. mostly as you point out on a radical islamic terror. 18 muslim countries. 100% all christians experience some form of persecution, islamic extremism, again, the dominant fourth. secretary of state kerry said it's genocide last year. we had 2016 over 1,300 churches attacked.
5:56 pm
what -- where is the end of this? i mean, he said it to me over two years ago and one of the very first early meetings how christians, how under president obama administration, it is easy for a muslim refugee to enter the country instead of a christian. now the president's going to make sure that our christian brothers and sisters are protected. we've got to do something about it. liz: pastor burns, come back soon we love having you go on. we're going to have more after s
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
liz: we have two new "training inheritance episodes tonight.
6:00 pm
ings are. charles: we have breaking news for you. pentagon officials tell fox news they cannot confirm an a.p. story that russia knew in advance of syria's chemical weapons attack. russia and syria said the u.s. crossed lines by attacking syria. rec tillerson -- rex tillerson


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